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5 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Summer

After a long Montana winter, the snow starts to melt, the birds chirp, plants grow, and the sun stays out a little longer each day. This is also the time when people like to start selling their houses and moving into new ones. More home sales occur in spring and early summer over every other time of year. Getting your home ready for a summer sale should be easy. After months of being closed up during the winter, you’ll need to do some spring cleaning to freshen up your property to make it ready to sell. Follow these five steps and your home will be ready to sell in no time!

Home repair and improvement

Home Repair and Improvement.

This is the most important thing you can do when selling your home. Fix the obvious repairs before listing your home. This will not only add value to your home, but it will also help buyers see all the positive qualities of your home, instead of focusing on the negative ones. Buyers expect a non-damaged roof, foundation, and water heater. Staying on top of these repairs ahead of time can save you money in the long run. By neglecting to fix leaking pipes, broken appliances, or a faulty electrical system could cost you money in the sale, or worse–can lose you the sale.

To ensure your home is sale-ready, caulk any gaps or cracks in your bathrooms. Make sure your roof shingles are not cracked, warped, or missing. Inspect your siding to ensure there’s no warping, bulging, or missing pieces of siding or trim. Fix all broken windows and doors. Repair or replace broken kitchen appliances, washer and dryer (if applicable), furnace, and water heater. Have a professional plumber and electrician check your pipes and wires for any damage. Repair, replace, and update, if necessary.

Clutter Removal is Essential.

Your personal items mean a lot to you. But walking into a house with lots of shoes and coats piled up by the door, makeup, toothbrushes, and hair supplies on the bathroom vanity, and kids’ toys strewn around various rooms can quickly turn a buyer off. Suddenly, your stuff is more on display than the house itself, taking a potential buyer’s focus off of the place they are there to see. By cleaning up the clutter not only will your place be cleaner, it will also feel bigger. Remove everything from the entryway, including shoes, coats, umbrellas, and keys. Clear off all countertops in the kitchen and bathroom. Make the beds and put clothing, toys, and personal items away in their proper places. Finally, de-clutter and organize all of your closets and cabinets; this will make them feel more spacious.

Make Landscape Improvements.

Curb appeal is one of the most important aspects of house selling. When a buyer drives up to your home, the facade, landscaping, driveway, and walkways are the first things they see. So you want them to be in great shape and give a positive first impression. To prep your house for sale in the summer, take advantage of the spring by planting lots of flowering plants, trimming up the trees and shrubs, and planting grass where it is patchy. This way, by the time summer is in full swing, your flowers will be in full bloom, your trees and shrubs will be growing nicely, and your grass will be filled in.

Remove Anything Religious or Political.

Sure, you may value that picture from that presidential rally or your grandmother’s crucifix hanging by the front door, but these items can be polarizing to potential buyers and prevent them from seriously considering purchasing your home. Prevent buyers from being prejudiced against you by removing these items; it may not be ideal, but it keeps the business of selling a house strictly that.

Consider Staging Your Home.

If your home is a canvas, consider finishing touches like furniture and decor the paint that makes it art. When people come to look at a house, they try to envision themselves living there. By removing anything personal from your home like pictures, heirlooms, or figurines will help the buyer get there faster. Paint your walls a neutral color like beige or grey. Replace all window coverings that are more than five years old to make the house feel less dusty. If you have already moved your things out of your home, consider hiring a professional staging company to fill your home with furniture and details that create an environment appealing to buyers.

Has Your Home Suffered Water Damage or Fire Damage Right Before You Were Going to List It for Sale?

Contact Alpha-Omega Disaster Restoration. At Alpha Omega, we have a trained, certified, and licensed emergency response team available 24/7 to assess your situation, make a plan, and work directly with your insurance company. Our goal is to restore your house and property back to normal so you can put it back on the market in sale-ready condition as quickly and safely as possible.

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