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Fire Damaged Kitchen

June 6, 2022 | Billings, MT

After an inspection, we removed charred items and restored those that we could. We used eco-friendly cleaning products to remove smoke & soot residue from appliances, cabinets, walls, countertops, and more. After deodorizing the room to eliminate smoky odors, the kitchen looks great and has a healthy indoor air quality.

Fire Damaged Garage

A major blaze destroyed the garage and most of the possessions stored inside, including a car. Once the charred items were removed, we cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized the entire garage before restoring the walls, ceiling, structural areas, and more. We restored the damaged walls to strengthen them.

Mold Damaged Kitchen

Once mold growth was confirmed in the kitchen area, our remediation experts used an eco-friendly cleaning solution and a strong deodorizer to remove the mold from the kitchen. We treated the sinks, refrigerator connection, floor, and more. We applied a preventive agent to prevent the mold from returning.

Plumbing Pipe Damaged Bathroom

After drying out the bathroom with fans and dehumidifiers, we removed wet baseboards, wall boards, drywall, and more to handle structural issues behind the walls. When those were corrected, we installed replacement flooring and finish-outs.

Mold Damaged Kitchen-Corridor

Our mold inspection told us what type of mold we were dealing with, so our crew knew what type of mold remediation approach would work. We used an eco-friendly cleaning solution to remove the mold from the kitchen area and added preventive measures to keep the mold from returning.

Fire Damaged Kitchen

Once the charred items were removed from the kitchen, we focused on removing smoke and soot residues from the appliances, possessions, walls, and more. Our sanitizing & deodorizing efforts worked, along with attempts to restore the ceiling, walls, flooring, and some structural supports.

Leaked Pipe Damaged Bathroom

Our crew arrived to find a bathroom impacted by several inches of standing water. We removed the water, then used industrial-strength fans & dehumidifiers to mitigate the water damage. We restored several parts of the bathroom, including wall supports & plumbing pipes behind the wet drywall.

Fire Damage House

This home was heavily impacted by fire damage and required significant restoration. Once the charred items were removed, our crews cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized the area to remove smoky odors and soot residue. We also repaired significant structural damage caused by the fire and installed new appliances.

Water Damaged Kitchen

An indoor flood left standing water that ruined the flooring, baseboards, and more at this home. Our crews dried the affected areas ASAP with industrial drying fans and dehumidifiers. Once we mitigate the water damage, we removed wet flooring, drywall, baseboards, and other construction materials to address structural damages.

Fire Damaged House

The fire in this house began in the laundry room and spread from there. Upon arrival, we salvaged as many contents as possible before cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing the area as part of our restoration work. The home needed help with structural issues, as well as new appliances.

Ice Dams Damaged Kitchen

When ice dams from the roof caused a flood in the kitchen, we repaired the leak, dried the kitchen, and replaced damaged construction items like drywall. After restoring the areas hit by water damage, we shored up the structural issues. We also installed new flooring, paint, and other finish-out items.

Fire Damaged Kitchen Appliance

Our crews rescued this kitchen after it was gutted by a fire. After removing charred items and setting aside those that could be salvaged, we restored structural damages caused by the fire and applied proprietary cleaning & deodorizing solutions to address the soot & smoke residues. This eliminated unwanted odors.

Water Damaged House

This home had significant water damage to the floor and other areas. We used drying fans and humidifiers to mitigate the water damage, then removed wet drywall, baseboards, walls, and more to correct hidden structural issues. We finished the job with fresh paint and trim to create a fresh look.

Water Damaged Living Room

We dried the living room with heavy-duty fans & dehumidifiers to mitigate the water damage. After removing water-soaked construction materials and addressing structural issues in a couple of areas, we returned with fresh flooring, drywall, paint, and finish-out materials to give the room a nice, clean appearance.

Water Damaged House

Our water mitigation crew began by drying the home, using industrial fans & dehumidifiers. We stripped away water-soaked flooring, drywall, and other construction materials to restore structural damage behind a couple of walls. After that was completed, we finished out with new building materials for a fresh look.

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