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HVAC Discharge Line Break Damage Restoration in Billings, MT

Keeping the environment inside your house in a healthy state is ensured by a properly functioning HVAC discharge line. Although, once your HVAC discharge line is broken or somehow damaged, it can be responsible for dealing extensive water damage to your properties. The damage caused by the HVAC discharge line should be restored as soon as possible by a water damage restoration company like Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration to avoid further damage.

Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration is one of the leading water damage restoration companies in ColumbusLaurelBillings Heights, and other places within our service area. If you're having water damage issues because of malfunctioning HVAC discharge lines, call now at 406-628-0178 or contact us online to learn more about our services!

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HVAC Discharge Line Issues That Can Cause Water Damage

Corrosion: Because of the presence of formaldehyde on average in almost every home, corrosion is a common thing that is caused by this. Copper refrigerant lines start leaking all throughout the HVAC system as a result of the corrosion attack.

System Vibration Malfunction: There are some cases where the HVAC system is not properly installed, and intense vibration is caused by the vibration motor while it works. These sorts of vibrations are enough to weaken and eventually fracture the refrigerant lines. When this happens, you need to repair these lines to avoid further damage.

Pinhole leaks: Formic acid or formaldehyde can also be responsible for the decaying of copper lines which results in pinhole leaks. This issue happens when the HVAC system is used for a long time.

Call Our Restoration Experts to Restore Water Damage

Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration has been one the most prominent water damage restoration company in Billings, MT & the other surrounding areas. Concrete work ethics, exceptional integrity, and quality of service have always been our signature and this makes us better than our competitors. Call us now at 406-628-0178 or contact us online to get water pipe break damage restoration services including the damage caused by a broken HVAC discharge line.

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Refreshing level of professionalism and customer service. Had a pipe leak in a downstairs wall which needed clean up and some mold removal. Interacted with several members of the AO team and each one was notably friendly and helpful. Would recommen...

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I went to AO when I had some hardwood floor damage after a water leak. Willie and his guys were awesome! They were over right away to assess the damage and were able to save my flooring. These people are very knowledgeable and the customer service wa...

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Count on Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration, if you need main water line break damage restoration for your residential and commercial in Billings, MT.

When you are in need of water line break damage restoration service, just give a call to Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration in Billings, MT.

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"Luckily I have never needed to use a restoration company, but as someone who has worked closely with Alpha Omega, they have treated my clients very well, and have always been honest and very transparent. Although their whole team is very professional and punctual, Carissa and Sonya have been great to work with."


"Best service in town! I had water leaking through my basement ceiling from the overflow drain in my upstairs bathtub. They showed up immediately after I called, they were super professional and helped me find the leak and even told me how I can fix it myself. I was so impressed how well the turned my problem around."

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