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Fire Safety Tips in Billings & Laurel, MT

Accidental fires and explosions can have devastating consequences, including loss of life, injury, and extensive damage to property, environment, and business. It likely goes without saying that fire safety is essential, but many people don’t realize its significance until it is too late.

Fire safety measures and tips can lessen the risk of injury and minimize the extent of property damage in the event of a fire. At Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration, our No. 1 concern is the safety of you, your family or coworkers in the event of a fire emergency. Maximizing safety and minimizing property damage are always top priorities when any disaster strikes.

Helpful Fire Safety Tips for Residential & Commercial Properties

Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration has a number of fire safety tips that maximize your safety and fire prevention in general. They include the following:

gas extinguishing fire safety
  • Keep smoke alarms in your house or workplace operational. Check if your smoke alarm battery is low or old, and replace it monthly.
  • A hot stovetop or oven should be monitored. Flammable items should never be used near the stove. Turn off the stove after using it.
  • Only plug in portable devices when in use. Unplug small appliances like toasters, toaster ovens, and slow cookers when not in use.
  • Never let children play with lighters or matches. This might be quite dangerous. Keep these items out of reach and sight of children.
  • Make sure that the wood you choose for your campfire is adequate. Only burn dry, seasoned wood in your fireplace.
  • Check thoroughly for leaky appliances or devices with loose connections. It may create sparking and lead to a fire outbreak.
  • Tobacco use contributes significantly to fires, injuries, and deaths. It's important to put out cigarettes completely to avoid igniting fabric or wood.
  • Set an exit point in the home or office so that everyone can exit safely in case of fire.
  • Individual safety is more important than saving material property. Make that emergency call immediately.
  • Keep working fire extinguishers available to stop smaller fires and prevent larger ones.

Trust Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration For Fire Damage Restoration

One can experience a sudden fire outbreak anytime despite safety protocols. Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration has your recovery solutions. Our certified technicians offer the most effective fire damage restoration in Billings Heights, Lockwood, Columbus, Red Lodge, and throughout our MT service areas.

We also offer appliance failure cleanup, smoke damage, board-up, water damage restoration, frozen or burst pipes, mold remediation, and more. For assistance with any fire damage, call 406-628-0178 or click here to learn more and and book an appointment with an Alpha Omega team member.

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"Luckily I have never needed to use a restoration company, but as someone who has worked closely with Alpha Omega, they have treated my clients very well, and have always been honest and very transparent. Although their whole team is very professional and punctual, Carissa and Sonya have been great to work with."


"Best service in town! I had water leaking through my basement ceiling from the overflow drain in my upstairs bathtub. They showed up immediately after I called, they were super professional and helped me find the leak and even told me how I can fix it myself. I was so impressed how well the turned my problem around."

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