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Don't Diy Commercial Sewage Cleanup

Being a property owner sometimes means you’re going to have to deal with unpleasant situations every once in a while. One of the most unpleasant situations happens to be when your sewer or septic system backs up. Severe rainstorms and floods could overwhelm your system with water leading to backups. You could also experience a blockage from a buildup of debris or non-water-soluble substances that are flushed.

When something like this occurs, it can save a lot of money and hassle to be your own handyman and DIY the situation so that your business is as uninterrupted as possible. However, when it comes to cleaning up sewage in your business, it’s in your best interest to spend the money and deal with the hassle in order to keep you and your team safe and healthy.

It’s important to understand that a sewage backup is a lot more than just your typical water damage. In this article, we’ll show you the extra risks that occur with this kind of plumbing situation and why it’s best left to the professionals.

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First Steps After a Sewage Backup

Raw sewage is made up of water containing excrement and debris. Because of this, the water that has leaked into your place of business is likely to contain harmful microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Because of these severe health risks, this type of incident should be considered an emergency.

If sewage contamination is found in your business, the first steps you should take to deal with the problem are:

  • Confirm it’s safe to enter the contaminated area.
  • Remove any children or adults with compromised immune systems or health problems.
  • Turn off power and water if there is a risk of electrical damage.
  • Open windows for ventilation.
  • Pour a little bleach in any puddles of standing water to help kill the contaminants.
  • Take photographs of the damage for your insurance company.
  • Call a professional restoration service for cleanup.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional

Even the most experienced DIYer is out of their depth when it comes to sewage cleanup. When the source of water damage is raw sewage, everything becomes more urgent, complex, and hazardous.

Just some of the benefits of hiring a professional restoration crew to clean up your sewage mess include:

1. Biohazard Elimination

We can’t state enough that this type of water is teeming with germs and bacteria that can make someone very sick. A professional crew has specific experience with this type of cleanup. They’ll have safety protocols in place and professional equipment to safely eliminate the dirty water.

2. Problem Assessment

Restoration companies are properly trained to quickly assess the situation they are walking into. The crew will examine the surroundings to find possible leak causes without you having to investigate on your own.

3. Powerful Equipment

As a professional crew, they will have access to the best cleaning products and equipment available. Standard vacuums and dryers cannot stand up against a sewage backup situation. The professionals will have special gear and protection to prevent infection.

4. Lower Losses

Restoration companies are trained to work fast. The sooner the water is removed and the affected area is dried, the less damage is likely to occur to your business. Restoring the area right away also reduces damage to flooring, walls, and furniture, eliminating long-term issues such as mold growth. In the long run, your total losses will be much lower than if you dealt with it on your own.

5. Quick Results

It only takes 12-24 hours for significant damage to start taking place in the affected area. While you might now have the ability to deal with the situation promptly, professional restoration companies are ready to work immediately. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the professionals can be quickly dispatched to take action and minimize damage to your business.

Let Alpha Omega Handle Sewage Cleanup

For over 15 years, Alpha Omega has been the restoration company to trust in the Billinngs, Billings West End, Billings Heights, Laurel, Red Lodge areas. With professionals who have extensive experience and a whole arsenal of tools at our disposal, we can make sure your business doesn’t skip a beat even when sewage cleanup is needed.

Contact one of our professionals today to discuss how we can partner with you or your business to ensure your business is safely and professionally taken care of.

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