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Benefits Of a Disaster Restoration Partnership on Campus

When an accident or a natural disaster strikes, the entire community is affected in some way, but it especially can impact local colleges and universities. Colleges have a big responsibility when it comes to their students. Any interruption to the school calendar for an extended period of time for fire or water damage can negatively impact the education a college is obligated to provide.

While most colleges and universities have a disaster plan in place to keep faculty and students safe should the worst happen, a vital part of that plan needs to include a partnership with a local disaster restoration contractor.

Problems College Campuses Could Face

Damage from naturally occurring disasters could come in many forms for a busy, crowded university or college campus. Just a few issues that a campus would need to resolve quickly for everyone’s health and safety include:

1. Fire

Campuses run the risk of fire in a variety of ways. This includes faulty wiring in dining halls where food is prepared to dormitories where residents could burn candles, leave curling irons plugged in, or cook on a hot plate.

2. Water

With extensive plumbing and older facilities, campuses can suffer extensive water damage to academic buildings or resident halls.

3. Mold

Like any building that may experience water issues, mold is a health hazard that needs to be detected and cleaned immediately. Growing mold can affect the health of educators, students, and boarders alike.

4. Contagion

With large numbers of people occupying the same space, the risk of contagious viruses abounds on a college campus. With outbreaks, such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the need for deep, professional cleaning of all buildings and surfaces is larger to contain the contagion.

Why Colleges and Universities Should Partner With a Disaster Restoration Company

university campus

Colleges and universities serve a multitude of purposes for a variety of people in the community. This means that the entire community is often affected when campuses have to shut down due to damage.

Colleges and universities should partner with a disaster restoration company because:

1. They Serve Many Roles

College campuses aren’t just for educators and students. The facilities on campus are workplaces, residences, and group event spaces. They typically have complex facilities, such as restaurants, offices, dorms, laboratories, libraries, and more. That means there are not only multiple ways an accident can occur, but there are also multiple groups of people who will be affected when it does.

2. They Are Busy Places

College campuses seldom sleep, especially during busy times in the school calendar. Because there are multiple people on campus and a lot of activities going on at the same time, the likelihood of an accident, such as fire or flooding, is increased greatly.

3. They’re Germy Places

An accident or disaster doesn’t even have to occur for colleges and universities to be in need of deep professional cleaning. The variety of people on campus means there are also a plethora of germs that find their way into the air and surfaces every day. Whether you’re concerned about COVID-19 or any other contagion, a professional cleaning team will help eliminate germs to keep everyone safe.

4. Campus Staff Is Not Enough

While all colleges and universities have professional maintenance and cleaning staff on-site, they will simply not be enough to tackle the immense job that disaster restoration often is. Whether they’re short-staffed, it’s a busy time for campus activities, or the job is simply

Alpha Omega prides itself on being ready at a moment’s notice to help our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We know that accidents and disasters can’t be scheduled, but they can be planned for. We serve areas such as Billing West End, Billings Heights, Laurel, and Red Lodge, MT, while having the capability to travel further afield to help a client get back on their feet. Whether you need help cleaning up from a disaster or you want to partner with us to be part of your disaster plan, our team’s ready.

Contact one of our professionals today to discuss the wide variety of services we can offer so your campus can be fully functional quickly and safely.

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