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Benefits of Professional Carpet and Tile Cleaning Services

Nothing signals professionalism to a potential client like a clean work environment. But when was the last time your business had your flooring professionally cleaned? Tile and carpeting might not be a part of your business that you think about regularly, but taking time to make sure they look good has very real advantages. Even if you have your own internal custodial group, it might be wise to consider getting a specialized team to deep clean your property. It’s a good way to save both time and money, and it offers many other benefits as well.

Here Are Six Benefits to Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service to Clean Your Carpet and Tiles:

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1. Getting carpet and tile professionally cleaned leads to a healthier workforce.

Carpets get dirty over time, and as they do, they collect all manner of particulate matter. From dirt to dust to grime, carpets act as air filters for your work environment. Cleaning your carpets professionally keeps your staff healthier by removing these irritants. Similarly, the grout between tiles can collect both germs and dangerous bacteria, which can make employees sick. Hiring a professional cleaning team can help you avoid employees falling ill.

2. Getting carpet and tile professionally cleaned leads to a more productive, happier workforce.

It’s not just a benefit for your employees’ health — having carpets and tile in your workspace cleaned professionally improves their happiness and productivity, too. Employees perform better in clean, tidy environments, and there’s a direct correlation between a clean workplace and an active employee. A clean environment also signals to workers that their employer cares about their well-being, which can increase employee engagement.

3. A professionally cleaned workplace improves relationships with clients.

Hiring a professional cleaning company to maintain your carpets and tiles is a surefire path to improving your reputation through visual appeal. Put simply, clients are attracted to a clean work environment because it shows that a business is both organized and passionate. When your workspace looks clean, it reflects well on your entire organization. It’s an easy way to elevate clients’ views of your business, as well as an excellent way to improve your organization’s reputation by word of mouth.

4. Carpet and tile often require specialized treatment.

While you might have the means to clean these surfaces on a basic level, different types of material often require special cleaning treatments. Clay and marble tiles require different types of cleaning solutions, and porcelain and sandstone tiles require different amounts of pressure when being washed. Incorrect cleaning techniques can even damage your tile’s grout. For peace of mind, it’s a wise idea to hire a professional cleaning company.

5. A professionally cleaned work environment can improve the longevity of tiles and carpet.

A deep-cleaned tile or carpet will last significantly longer than either being cleaned by hand. Carpets collect particulate matter that slowly damages them over time, but a professionally cleaned carpet can last for years. Also, vigorously scrubbing tiles or grout can damage those surfaces, while a professional cleaning job cleans both without damage. Hiring a professional cleaning service can save you money by preserving your work environment for a much longer time.

6. Hiring a professional cleaning service is both more time-efficient and cost-effective.

Frequently, companies that attempt to deep clean their own surfaces miscalculate the cost and wind up spending more money than if they had hired an outside professional. Treating carpets and tiles requires a specialized toolset and a specialized skill set, both of which a professional company can bring to the job. A professional deep cleaning will last for months, and it can be done at a significantly lower cost.

Professional Carpet and Tile Cleaning for Your Montana Business

Most manufacturers recommend cleaning rugs every twelve months or so to remove dirt, dust, mold, or other contaminants from the material. Similarly, many manufacturers recommend cleaning tiles and grout three to four times per year. When was the last time you invested in these important services for your company?

At Alpha-Omega, we can provide EPA-friendly cleaning for your business. Operating out of the Billings area in south-central Montana, we specialize in cleaning businesses and commercial facilities; we also provide service in Laurel and Red Lodge. From buildings to vehicles, we have the resources needed to keep all parts of your business clean and appealing. Contact us today, and let us know how we can help you.

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