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Property Managers Have a Huge Job.

Whether you are responsible for an apartment complex, several rental homes, commercial spaces, or any combination of those things, you are likely facing a pretty big workload. Many managers report feeling stressed by their day-to-day responsibilities.

It can often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.

Property Manager Responsibilities

benefits of commercial cleaning

Does this list look familiar? Property managers are often responsible for numerous items on this list, depending on the location and type of properties they are managing:

  • Advertising rentals and filling vacancies
  • Investigating tenant complaints
  • Enforcing local and lease-based occupancy rules
  • Managing a referral system for new tenants
  • Enforcing leases
  • Hiring security workers, desk staff, and door workers
  • Establishing the best rental rate that takes into consideration local rates, maintenance costs, taxes, and depreciation
  • Collecting rent
  • Collecting and refunding security deposits
  • Paying bills
  • Inspecting units
  • Making repairs or outsourcing repair work to contractors
  • Hiring landscapers, snow removal services, renovators, and other contractors
  • Installing security systems and keeping them maintained
  • Responds to lease violations

All of this can clearly keep a person very busy, but when disaster strikes, it can be nearly impossible to take care of your responsibilities while also managing clean-up, decontamination, restoration, and more.

This list probably looks familiar to people who manage healthcare facility properties, maintenance managers, and other related fields.

What Situations Require Disaster Restoration Specialists?

When disaster strikes, property managers have to figure out how to get things fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

While most properties won’t suffer from natural disasters, each year there are countless disasters with a huge economic impact.

These disasters can include:

  • Flooding from storms, heavy rainfall, and rising waters
  • Damage from storms and wind
  • Naturally-occurring fires
  • Human-caused fires

Even if you have your own cleaning staff, sometimes expert help is needed for these special clean-ups.

Benefits to Using Professional Restoration Cleaners for Disaster Clean-up

When you bring in professionals, you can be assured of three important things!

1. The clean-up is going to be done right from start to finish.

If you aren’t accustomed to conducting large-scale clean-ups, you might not realize how complicated they are. At Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration, we have been cleaning up after floods and fires in South Central Montana since 2006, and we know just how complex these jobs can be.

Clean-up performed by experts rather than amateurs is priceless, because you’re not going to be making costly mistakes along the way. The clean-up will also be faster. If the damage is significant enough that you have had displaced tenants, hiring professional restoration cleaners will help you get everyone back where they belong faster, which results in economic savings for you.

2. The cleaners will have access to specialized equipment, tools, and supplies.

Some supplies and tools are hard for the average property manager to acquire, and many more are difficult to afford. Buying expensive equipment for just one clean-up job often doesn’t make financial sense.

Professional disaster restoration cleaners, on the other hand, have access to state-of-the-art equipment and all the best tools for each unique job.

3. Other Situations for Calling in the Professionals

In addition to cleaning up after natural disasters, commercial cleaning services can help with specialized projects like deep cleaning between tenants, restoring spaces that have been damaged by problem tenants, or other disaster.

You can also use cleaning professionals for situations where you need a fast turn-around!

Are You Responsible for a Property That Needs to Be Rehabbed or Restored?

If you need to clean up damage caused by a flood or fire in the Billings, Montana area, let’s talk. Our experienced Alpha-Omega team has the expert skills, tools, and track record for cleaning up difficult messes and problem properties.

Contact us to request a service call today! We also have financing options available for our clients.

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