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Tips for Summer Commercial Building Maintenance

Going from the cooler months of spring to the heat of the summer can cause faulty mechanical issues in commercial buildings that can affect the efficiency of your business and cost you lots of money to fix. Maintaining your business’s systems will help prevent future problems and save money in the long run.

Follow These Tips to Keep Your Commercial Property in Top Condition During the Summer Months and Avoid Any System Meltdowns.

Building Maintenance Checklist
  • Commercial HVAC service.Make sure to have your HVAC inspected by a professional as early into the summer as possible. By having your HVAC system inspected ahead of the drastic rise in temperature, you will ensure the system will  be at its top performance level when you need it most. A maintained HVAC is an efficient one, and when it gets hot outside and you need the air conditioning to turn on, you will be happy to invest the time and money. A working HVAC will also maintain cool levels inside your building, protecting any equipment and product you have from overheating. Use this time to change your building’s thermostats to reflect the warmer temperatures.
  • Conduct a sprinkler system test. When summer hits, your water bill may increase due to higher water usage, but you should still be on alert for signs of any hidden water problems. Run your sprinkler and irrigation systems early on to make sure none of the sprinkler heads are broken. Adjust the heads so they are facing the right direction, away from your building and toward the street to avoid water problems. Also check exposed appliance plumbing regularly, including those in the bathroom, kitchen, water fountain, and sink areas. Look for cracks, gaps, or leaks in all of the pipes and hoses. If something is not working and you aren’t sure how to fix it, hire a professional.
  • Check for roof storm damage. Wet, windy spring months can wreak havoc on the shingles and structure of your roof. Damage can lead to leaks that affect your insulation, building structure, and allow for critters like squirrels to enter into your property. Check for missing or damaged shingles (warped, blistered, or curled) and replace them. Check for cracks in the caulk or the rubber boot around the vent pipe. Also check for chimney cap damage. Repair or replace all, as necessary.
  • Inspect the commercial property’s outdoor lighting. Check to make sure each bulb in your property’s outdoor lights are working or replaced. Double check each light’s wiring, screws, and bases to make sure everything is watertight sealed and in good repair. If your business’s lights are on timers, adjust them to come on later as the sun stays out longer during the summer months.
  • Conduct routine maintenance of safety equipment. There is an increased chance of fire during the hotter months. Use this time to check your indoor sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, fire safety kits, and update your business fire evacuation plan. Employees feel more educated, valued, and safe in their work environment. And should your commercial property ever have a fire, they will be more prepared and safe.

Has a Broken Sprinkler System Caused Water Damage in Your Commercial Building?

Contact Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration. When summer months hit, the potential for water and fire damage issues increase. Our emergency response team is available 24/7 to help ease your commercial restoration process. We specialize in water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and mold remediation. Our goal is to provide you with superior quality service.

Alpha Omega is the leading disaster restoration company serving commercial and residential properties in Billings, MT and surrounding areas.

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