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Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Process

Taking immediate action after a commercial fire is important to preventing further damage and restoring your business back to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. Delaying fire damage mitigation and contents cleaning restoration can allow soot and smoke damage to get worse by settling into your building and items. Water damage also occurs from the large amounts of water used to put the fire out. If left unattended, the water can diminish the integrity of your property’s structure, as well as cause mold and mildew growth. Overall, if your property is not attended to quickly, you will salvage fewer items and structures, which will end up costing you more time and money, delaying the reopening of your business.

Fire Damage Reconstruction for Your Business

fire restoration process

Calling in fire damage restoration professionals will allow your business to re-open as quickly as possible. These professionals help you out, allowing this overwhelming process to be easier for you, your employees, and customers. Here is an outline of what to expect during the reconstruction process:

1. Board up services to block off unsafe and vulnerable areas.

Immediately after the fire is put out, call in professionals to board up vulnerable areas of your building like broken windows, walls, and areas of the roof. This will prevent further damage from weather, debris, and vandalism, while helping prevent further structural damage. It will also allow safer access for your insurance assessor, so they can evaluate the fire damage and process your claim quicker.

2. Assess the damage caused by the fire.

A professional will come out and inspect your building in detail. They’ll document the amount of damage and what saved or repaired. They will keep a detailed list of all of the building’s contents and the recommended processes of how to proceed. Cleaning up, repairing, and rebuilding your property can be very complicated, so it is important to hire a certified, reputable professional you trust who can safely and deftly complete the process. Trying to “DIY” fire damage mitigation may lead to an unsafe environment, and quick, cheap fixes that are not up to code.

3. Water removal to avoid mold and mildew.

Does your commercial property have standard commercial-grade sprinkler system installed? Then each sprinkler head would have discharged between 20 and 40 gallons of water each minute from the time it detected fire until a firefighter turned it off upon arrival, approximately 10-15 minutes later. In total, your sprinkler system could have placed almost 200 gallons of waters in your building. All together, that is enough water to cause massive water damage. Of course, this water is preferable to a total loss due to fire damage. It’ll also save your building from the thousands of gallons the fire department would’ve had to use with its hoses. Begin removing water and drying affected areas quickly after a building inspection and board up has been completed. The longer the water sits, the worse the damage becomes. Water damage can ruin your building’s foundation and cause an infestation of mold and mildew.

4. Remove soot and smoke prior to restoration cleaning.

Soot and smoke can cause just as much damage to your property, if not more. Carcinogens found in soot and smoke cause cancer and other health problems. Professionals can clean your walls, floors, ceilings, and any other parts of your building’s structure. Any items that have been ruined by fire or heat must be thrown away, but some items affected by soot and smoke can undergo cleaning and restoration to like-new condition.

5. Contaminated property cleanup.

The final step to the restoration process is to sanitize and clean your commercial property. It’s the most important step prior to tenants moving back in or employees going back to work. This ensures that the building is livable again, and that everything in the building is clean, structurally sound, and safe. Using a professional disaster cleanup company immediately afterwards will help keep repair costs and lost business or revenue down. Hiring professionals who have extensive experience with the fire damage repair process, like Alpha Omega Pros, will help give you peace of mind and restore your building as quickly as possible.

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