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Emergency Preparedness Program for Hotels

Life is unpredictable, but that unpredictability carries a heavy burden for hotel owners when disaster strikes. When your hotel is damaged because of a disaster, don’t bear the weight of this burden on your own. Consult with a disaster restoration specialist to receive the help you need in recovering your business from damage sustained because of a disaster.

Among many things, having an emergency preparedness program for your hotel can be a huge benefit when navigating these disasters, and can save you tons of money. In this blog, we discuss some examples of disasters that may leave you needing assistance from a restoration professional, as well as how an emergency preparedness program can help.

Types of Disasters Hotels Might Face

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No matter where your hotel is, you are never completely safe from natural disasters. Floods, landslides, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes are just a few examples of natural disasters that can cause damage to your property. However, natural disasters are not the only thing to worry about. Many other disasters can cause untold damage to your property that are not naturally occurring. Some other examples of disasters include:

1. PTAC Rooms – Air conditioners are known to cause water damage and mold

2.Burst Pipes/Faulty Equipment-The plumbing systems in hotels need to be reliable and maintained since it services guests 24/7. A burst pipe can wreak havoc on your property and cost a fortune in repairs. To ensure your property does not sustain considerable water damage, have your plumbing looked at regularly to check for any faulty equipment or leaks.

3.Moisture Problems – If equipment is stored in a moist basement or crawlspace of a hotel, the moisture can cause severe water damage throughout the property.

4. Sewage Backup – In addition to causing water damage, sewage backup creates a health hazard for you and all guests. The degree of loss to the hotel will depend on the severity of the contamination and exposure, but some flooring materials may be salvaged if the response is timely. Unfortunately in these circumstances, many furnishings and textiles may need to be discarded altogether.

5. Accidents– Unfortunately, accidents cannot always be prevented. Even something like a bathtub overflowing can cause damage to every room below it, so preparedness is important.

Why is an Emergency Preparedness Program Important?

The benefits of having an ERP are not to be ignored. By having this program in place, you are ensuring several things which include:

1. Priority Disaster Response Service 24/7/365:High-priority status in the event of community-wide emergencies such as storm surges and freezing weather.

2. Pre-Planning Aid: Not sure where to start with an Emergency Response Plan? We can help with that.

3. Consultations: Inspections and estimates are provided at no cost, no matter how small or large the problem is.

4. Discounted Services & Up-Front Pricing: We offer transparency on pricing so that you never have to be surprised. Discounted services include mitigation and disinfection/cleaning.

Having an Emergency Preparedness Program will ensure your property is restored as soon as possible, which is extremely important. The longer you go without restoring damaged property, the greater the loss of income will be. Not only will you save a great deal of money by having this plan in place, but you will give yourself peace of mind that you have professionals on your side to help you 24/7.

Why It is Critical to Get Your Property Restored by a Professional

Protect your customers and staff by knowing the clean-up was done right, and in doing so, protect your business. At Alpha-Omega, we make sure all laws and regulations are followed and we can save you money by restoring items you thought you had to replace. By trusting professionals, you keep your internal team on track with their core duties.

Using professionals for the restoration process can also help with getting the right amount of coverage from your insurance. Establishing a relationship and creating a disaster preparedness program with a trusted, local restoration contractor will allow you to prevent problems before they start, and ensure that you have help ready when you need it.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out how we can save you money and time with your restoration! We serve Billinngs, Billings West End, Billings Heights, Laurel, Red Lodge.

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