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Outdoor Heating Fire Safety: What You Need to Know

The Covid-19 pandemic has made many of us stop and think about how we use our home and property since many of us are spending more time there than ever before. It’s made many of us look to creating outdoor spaces that are chic and comfortable since many social lives have moved outdoors for safety.

But with the winter months knocking on our door, things just got a whole lot colder outside. That’s why fire pits and patio heaters might be a lifesaver for your sanity this winter. It can help you stay social and keep everyone warm and comfortable.

However, safety should always be your top priority when it comes to outdoor heating. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to make sure your outdoor fun isn’t ruined by tragedy.

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TIP #1: Location, Location, Location

Location isn’t just the most important factor in real estate. It’s also one of the most important factors in outdoor heating safety! Make sure your heater or fire pit is at least 10 feet away from your home or any building. This will reduce the risk of the structure catching fire from the heating apparatus.

TIP #2: Clear Away Objects

Make sure all debris is cleared from around the pit or heater. Remove any plants or sticks that can easily become fuel to at least 5 feet from the device. Since clothing is flammable, make sure you and your guests stay at least 3 feet from the device as well in case of spark.

TIP #3: Watch The Weather Forecast

While a patio heater doesn’t post a larger threat during a windy evening, an open fire certainly does. Wind in the forecast might mean you should skip the fire pit that night. This is especially improtant if you live in a part of the country that is prone to wildfires.

TIP #4: Safely Handle And Store Fuel Tanks

Many outdoor heat sources are fueled using natural gas or propane. When you aren’t using your heater, make sure the tank valve is tightly closed. Any type of fuel can be dangerous if not handled properly, so make sure you store any spare tanks away from open flames or heated areas. To check for leaks in new propane tanks, simply put soapy water on the components and watch for air bubbles. A leaky tank should be returned right away.

TIP #5: Know Your Local Laws

Your state or city may have laws in place that restrict the use of certain types of outdoor heating elements. It’s important to know these laws before you buy as these laws were created for your safety and the safety of the wider community.

If you live in an area susceptible to wildfires, be aware of dry weather conditions and any fire bans that may be in place.

TIP #6: Follow All Manufacturer Directions

There’s a reason your patio heater or fire pit came with an instruction manual. Every outdoor heating source is unique from how to clean it to general operation instructions. It’s important to review the information you’ve been provided for your specific heating appliance to make sure you are using all of its components properly and safely.

The reality of using outdoor heating sources is that you can follow all of these tips and instructions, but an accident may still occur. That’s just the nature of accidents. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having sustained fire damage to your home or property from outdoor heating sources, our professionals at Alpha Omega have your back.

We have the tools for the right job whether the damage is small or extensive to make sure your property is restored to its original condition quickly. We’ve been a trusted name in restoration services in the Billings area since 2006. Now serving Billings West End, Billings Heights, Laurel and Red Lodge, our restoration experts will make your recovery our top priority.

Contact us today to discuss how we can partner with you in keeping your home and property safe.

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