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How To Clean up Types Of Water Damage

Everyone is vulnerable to some water damage. From leaking or burst pipes to leaky windows and appliances, about 24% of homeowners file water damage claims every year. The type of water, however, really makes a difference in how to approach the situation. Here is what homeowners, property managers, and business owners need to know.

Clean Water

type of water damage

The most common water problem is clean water is the most common. Clean water is considered clean because it’s sanitary and has no microbes or bacteria in it. It comes from a clean source. Broken appliances, small amounts of melting ice and snow, and burst pipes, usually contain clean water.

While you may think you don’t need to get it cleaned right away, you do. Because it’s the most common, many people think that they can let a little bit of clean water sit before they clean it up. However, clean water can cause damage if it sits long enough. Mold and mildew can start to grow and cause further damage. It’s important to clean up standing water, even if it’s clean, in order to make sure no mold or mildew is present.

It’s also important to call Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration and tell us that you had clean water sitting. We can advise you what to do. Our team can assess if mold or mildew has started growing to keep you and your family, residents, or employees safe.

Gray Water

Gray water has some bacteria in it, such as urine or blood, and usually comes from a washing machine or leaky toilet. Since it has bacteria in it, homeowners who try to clean it on their own may encounter sickness or irritation. It’s best to leave the damage and call us.

It’s important to keep any small children or pets away from the water as well, as they might get infected. The best thing to do for this type of cleanup is to contact us. We can make sure the bacteria and water are removed safely.

If you own a commercial building, calling us is critical after something like this. Too many times, a leaky toilet might seep into other parts of the building and cause further damage. Leaking elsewhere on your property may cause even more damage. By calling us, we can help make sure the moisture is gone. We can also help to mitigate the potential damage caused by mold or mildew and even possible sickness from bacteria growth. We move quickly to make sure your business is back up and running in no time.

Black Water

The most dangerous type of water a homeowner or business owner can come across is black water. Black water doesn’t necessarily look black in color, but it contains harmful bacteria or chemicals from pesticides, pathogens, and the like. Black water usually comes from raw sewage or natural disasters. Raw sewage can come into your home or business from sewer pipe backup, and it’s definitely something you do not want to handle yourself.

To keep yourself and your loved ones safe, it’s best to call the professionals at Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration. We have the knowledge and equipment to get rid of black water while keeping ourselves and you, your family, or business partners safe.

Protect Your Montana Property With Help from Alpha Omega

Getting professional water damage assistance right away for all of these water types is critical because you don’t want to suffer any damage to yourself, your loved ones, or your property. While water inside your property is never a good thing, be it clean, gray, or black, using and trusting the experts at Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration will help you know your part and ours in the cleanup and restoration process.

We have 24-hour emergency services, and, while we are based in Billinngs, Montana, our large crews are equipped to deal with the climate changes in various parts of Montana, including Billings Heights, Laurel, Red Lodge . Contacting Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration can get you back to your property quickly. Our friendly and professional service means you know it will be done right. We care about you, your loved ones, and your property. Don’t hesitate to call us today.

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