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Mold Infestation When Selling Your Home

Mold infestation is serious, even more so when the growth is in a property you’re selling. Left untreated, mold can seriously damage a building’s structure, eating away at everything from carpets to insulation. Even worse, mold can grow into a literal health hazard, causing symptoms ranging from allergies to severe medical conditions. When this is combined with a transaction as large as a home sale, sellers can feel scared and overwhelmed.

Between determining liability for the infestation and figuring out how to eradicate it, mold can be a real problem for any potential home seller. However, it’s possible to sell a house with mold to new owners safely, and it’s equally possible to take steps to get rid of the mold as well. Here’s what you need to know in order to tackle this situation and get your home sold – safely and successfully.

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Assessing Mold Infestation

Before taking any further steps, it’s a good idea to step back and determine the extent of the problem. In some cases, it might be possible to gauge the damage yourself. If you can see the mold visibly, there are strong odds that there is already an infestation. In this case, you can skip past a formal mold inspection and begin treating the damage immediately.

Documenting and Disclosing Information

You’ll also want to keep detailed documentation of the mold while treating it; this can range from photographing the mold to documenting any mold removal services you hire to eliminate the infestation. This will help any remediation service treat the infestation more effectively, but it will also help you with potential buyers. In Montana, buyers are responsible for any defects found in a property after the purchase. However, under the state’s law, home sellers must disclose any “adverse material facts” that could impact a homebuyer’s choices. This includes any mold issues known about beforehand.

There’s other information you’ll need to share, too. As part of Montana’s Mold Disclosure Act, you’ll need to share any follow-up testing for mold, as well as documentation on any other mold remediation treatment. Sharing this information upfront with prospective buyers is a good way to avoid any liability issues in the future. While home-sellers are required to share information they have that could impact a sale, the buyers are ultimately liable unless some information was actively obscured

Two Options for Mold Remediation During a Home Sale

If you’re looking to go beyond just informing buyers about mold, there are several approaches you can take to deal with mold infestations. One approach is to hire a professional service to remove the mold growth. While you can attempt to clean it up yourself, mold is difficult to stamp out. While you might be able to remove the visible signs of an infestation, eliminating the mold spores is more difficult. Finding a certified mold removal company is the safer and more effective route.

Another option is to offer the buyer credit for mold remediation. Rather than take on the task of remediation yourself, you can reach an agreement with the potential buyer by offering credit. This gives the added bonus of ensuring that the new homeowner entrusts the process of mold removal to a service that they trust.

The safest option is to protect a house from mold infestations from the very start. By addressing the cause of the mold, you can protect a property for years to come. Properly insulating both pipes and ductwork can prevent mold from spreading, and well-ventilated areas prevent moisture from building up. It’s always easier to sell a house if you prevent problems like this before they can create mold.

Help With Mold Remediation in Montana Homes

Left untreated, mold can become a real problem. Not only can it do lasting damage to building structures, but it can also become a health hazard. Some molds may cause a wide array of symptoms, ranging from allergies to dangerous diseases. For this reason, it’s a smart idea to get certified help tackling mold while selling your Billings area house, and Alpha-Omega Disaster Restoration is here to help.

From home inspection and negotiation to dealing with mold problems far in advance, we’re here to help you. Professional and certified, Alpha-Omega knows that you need to keep your property safe to sell to potential buyers. Striking early with knowledgeable guidance is the easiest way to keep your buyers happy, satisfied, and safe from mold. Contact us today, and let us know how we can help you.

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