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Signs Of a Sewer Leak

There are some problems and maintenance issues that we can see, and many that we can’t. Plumbing issues are often the latter as pipes are typically hidden in walls and underground.

Sewers can leak for months without being addressed because people don’t notice there’s a problem. If sewer leaks are left untreated, they can develop into a more serious problem and become an expensive fix.

To help you avoid this, here are seven signs that your sewer may be leaking:

sewer pipes in basement

1. Low water pressure

There are plenty of reasons you may experience low water pressure. Your pipes could be clogged, there could be an issue with your water supplier, or could have faulty pressure regulators. Nonetheless, if your water pressure drops off in every faucet, you may have a sewer leak.

2. Wet floors

Sewage pipes run throughout the ground under your house. If you have a sewage leak, water build-up can start affecting your flooring. If you notice an area of the floor is damp, you should have it inspected quickly as these leaks can lead to discoloration of the flooring and other serious damage.

3. Issues with the lawn

In the same school of thought, if you notice puddles of water appearing throughout your lawn, it could be from a leak in the pipes that are under your yard. It’s also important to act quickly in this circumstance because sewer water is loaded with chemicals and bacteria that can kill your grass and plants.

4. Rodents

As cliché as it sounds, rats really do love sewers. Rodents also have a very good sense of smell and will often detect sewer leakage before people do. If you notice a sudden increase in rats surrounding your house, you might need to hold off on calling pest control and call someone to come inspect your sewer lines instead.

5. High water bills

If you notice an extraordinarily high water bill, a leaking sewer could be the culprit. Unless you’ve been watering the grass every day or your supplier significantly raised their rates, there’s no reason your water bill should ever increase by hundreds of dollars. Of all of the signs on this list, this one is the biggest indicator that you may have a sewer leak.

6. Discolored walls

In addition to running underground, sewer pipes run through the walls of your home or business. If you notice a bubble in the wall (from moisture), damp spots, or dark rings, it could be a sewer leak.

7. Horrible smells

Sewage leaks have a distinct, strong smell. Your nose will likely notice the issue before your eyes or wallet ever can.

If you’re walking around and notice that something smells horrible, it could be leaking wastewater. Trust us, you’ll know!

What to Do if You Suspect You Have a Sewer Leak

If you read through these signs and more than one of them sounds familiar, you most likely have a sewage leak. Again, it’s important to handle sewage leaks with a sense of urgency, because the longer the issue goes untreated, the worse it gets.

If you think you need help or just want advice from the experts, call Alpha Omega. We handle all kinds of emergencies, from fire damage to flood damage. Sewer leaks are no problem! We can restore your home or business quickly with professional results you can count on to keep your home or business safe and clean.

We’re available any time of the day. If you discover the water at 2:45 am, our on-call crew will be there to help you determine what needs to be done.

Alpha Omega works in cities and towns throughout south-central Montana. If you live in the area don’t hesitate to give us a call. Contact us 24/7.

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