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Understanding Fire Sprinklers in Buildings

A fire at your property can be a scary experience. In addition to causing a huge amount of destruction, you could be facing damage from the water and the fire department’s efforts. As a property owner, you face a big responsibility. Adding fire sprinklers to your property could help save lives and money should a fire occur.

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What Are Fire Sprinklers and Where Are They Installed?

Fire sprinklers contain pressurized water in pipes that are installed under the ceilings and walls of buildings. When the temperature gets high enough during a fire, the water sprays forcefully to help extinguish the fire. They release about 10 – 25 gallons of water per minute. Without sprinklers, the damage can be worse. Sprinklers are effective and can many times extinguish fires before the fire department gets there. That can save not only lives, but thousands of dollars in damage.

The length of time that a fire sprinkler system activates is dependent on the proximity of the building to the fire station. The minimum time recommended for most sprinklers is 20 minutes.

Any new construction that is over 5,000 square feet should have fire sprinklers installed. Remodel construction of any kind over 12,000 square feet should have fire sprinklers installed. Any building over 55 stories tall should also have sprinklers installed.

If you own a hotel or motel, you must meet the fire safety requirements mandated by the U.S. Congress. These mandates vary by state and jurisdiction.

Are They Required in My Buildings in Montana?

While they are not mandated by the state, they are mandated by local jurisdictions and by the National Fire Protection Association. While mandates can be defeated in some states, jurisdictions in those states can adopt them and make the rules. To understand what’s needed in your area, it’s best to check your local fire codes to make sure you comply.

How Are These Sprinklers Installed

Sprinklers cannot be installed by just anyone. They need to be installed by qualified professionals who work with the local fire department and fire marshal to ensure that the system meets all requirements. In addition, fire sprinklers need to be installed where they can have access to a water supply. The sprinkler system also has to be connected to the local fire department. This allows it to be monitored for activation of the sprinklers.

What Happens After the Fire?

There are a lot of unknowns that happen after a fire, especially to commercial building property. One of the big ones is the length of time it takes to get the building restored to its original state. As previously mentioned, fire sprinkler systems can activate much faster and sooner than the fire department, saving lives and property damage.

Damage resulting from a fire is not something that should be fixed by anyone. Choose a licensed professional who can do the job right. You will not only be faced with drywall and flooring repair, but dangerous chemicals are left behind after a fire that will need to be safely removed.

Alpha Omega Disaster Restoration has the expertise and knowledge to take care of your business quickly. With us serving as general contractors, you can save time and money as well as peace of mind knowing the job will be done correctly. We will work with your insurance adjuster to make sure the repairs are done up to code so that you can get your tenants back to work and back to a sense of normalcy. For more information, please click here.

Clean up after a fire can be a daunting task. Make it easier by contacting us! While we mainly serve Billinngs, we can travel to areas such as Billings West End, Billings Heights, Laurel, Red Lodge. We work with you and your insurance to make the restoration process seamless.

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