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Understanding Mold Remediation as a Landlord

Mold is literally a growing problem. The presence of a musty room with black specks is never a welcome sight or scent. If you’re a landlord or manage a property, know that mold is a serious issue and that dealing with it quickly, professionally, and carefully is necessary.

So, what should you do if you or a tenant or renter finds mold on your property? Knowing everyone’s rights and responsibilities, as well as how best to actually handle and clean mold will give you needed knowledge to combat and control mold.

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Understanding Rights and Responsibilities

In Montana, rental property landlords must address mold when it’s discovered. It is the landlord’s responsibility to make repairs and keep a property in good, habitable condition. While tenants are also responsible for keeping the space clean and safe, tenants should contact and work with landlords to resolve mold issues.

In 2003, Montana passed The Mold Disclosure Act. Under the law, a seller or landlord is required to disclose the presence of mold if it’s known. The seller or landlord must provide a written mold disclosure statement when they are offering to sell or rent a house or apartment to a tenant.

Further, whenever a seller or landlord knows that a building has been tested for mold, they must let a tenant or buyer know that testing has taken place and provide a copy of the test results as well as evidence of treatment and mitigation.

Dangers of Mold

Mold can be detected by the musty smell that it often emits or by an accumulation of visible mold spots, indicated by black spots or dark-colored patches often on a room’s walls or ceiling. But mold can also be deceiving. Since its spores are microscopic, clearing away mold on walls probably won’t fix the problem. Mold thrives in damp environments, and the microscopic spores could cause new formation.

While strains of mold can differ, certain types of mold can damage property and adversely affect health, causing allergic reactions, skin, eye, nose, or throat irritation, and infections. Some strains of mold can even cause serious and life-threatening diseases and reactions, especially for people with certain underlying conditions.

Suffice it to say, mold should not be taken lightly! Its prompt removal and prevention are important matters of health.

Professional Mold Remediation

When dealing with mold, getting professional help to evaluate, remove, and prevent future mold is your best and safest option. Mold serves its purposes out in the wild. It becomes a liability and health hazard if it invades any areas of your property. Simply putting in a dehumidifier won’t solve your mold problem.

The certified pros at Alpha Omega are trained to thoroughly detect mold and to determine the extent of existing damage. After providing an estimate to repair any damage and eliminate mold, they can work with you to determine next steps. Their team can help with working with your insurance company . If damage is significant, it may be best to file an insurance claim.

Finally, if mold formation can be prevented in the first place, that’s always best. To prevent mold, keep ventilation adequate, especially in bathrooms or any areas with water. Air in basements should also be kept circulating, use a dehumidifier if necessary. After storms and rainfall, checking pipes and checking low points for any water leaking in is important.

Landlords and property managers need to keep properties safe in order to attract tenants and renters. Therefore, if you or a tenant found mold, do not wait to handle the situation; mold growth will get worse with time. By calling a disaster restoration company in Billings, you’ll get the advice and skill needed to handle mold remediation.

So, if you’ve got mold, get in touch with Alpha Omega today. We have the experience, expertise, and equipment to keep you and your tenants safe and happy. We are the mold remediation experts in Billings and the surrounding MT area.

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